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BWCC - Rider - Weather Jacket

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Available in 2 levels (see below for details)
- Galibier
- Ventoux


  • warm, fleece lined fabrics
  • water repellent, shower proof & wind protecting with Galibier & Ventoux
  • breathability to prevent excessive sweating
  • 2 rear pockets
  • Waterproof hidden pocket option 

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£ 75.00

  • Galibier
  • Ventoux
  • Male
  • Female
  • Race
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Data sheet

Tourmalet / Galibier / VentouxTourmalet

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Galibier Jacket

Great value, all-rounder riding jacket.

This is warm, wind protecting and water repellent.

The fluffy inside makes it very comfortable.
You will just need a summer jersey underneath in all but the coldest and storm conditions.
Gabba jackets aren't totally waterproof ... and this one will see you through the showers.
And even the cuffs use water repellent soft fabric.

Ventoux Jacket

It's incredibly comfortable - soft, stretchy, water repellent and fleecy.

What's not to like at a price half of Gabba - and more snuggly

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